Friday, October 16

I had a blog before... It died.

...but I caved in and started another one.

My name is Lia, I'm a 21 year-old University student from Portugal.
A bookaholic who loves cats and fine tea.
I'm a nerd at heart. I can't live without music. I like to name things. 
Apparently I also like to write.

Other things I enjoy include:
French musicals. Hot chocolate. Autumn. Hogwarts Running Club. Scarfs. Ice Hockey. Fancy ribbons. Readathons. Cappuccinos. Tattoos. Hearing my favourite song on the radio. Postcards. Scrolling in the rain. Vacations. Comic books. Milkshakes. Bubble baths. Long conversations late at night. Concerts. Otters. Traveling. Halloween. Listening to the rain falling outside. Chocolate. Roller-coasters. Road trips. Coca-cola. Sunsets. Sloths. Bookshelves. Candles. Goodreads. Going to the cinema. Wine. Board games. WRC. Orange juice. Sci-fy.  Christmas. Hard Rock Cafes. Vintage jewellery. Churros. Waking up late. Cinnamon. Skittles. Baking. Mythology. 

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